Technology Advantage
Coolway system is not only the advertising media platform, but also change the way passengers` experience. Base on "zoetrope" from the Persistence of Vision Method, It is installed on the side of metro tunnel walls. While the trains are passing by, the passengers can see series of animated images outside the train windows.
One pillar implements one 2D image based on after-image effect and a series of pillars imply into frames resulting in 15 seconds moving pictures
Adopt distant cloud storage and tansmission technology. Control different region cloud servers through management control center. Create live upload/download, monitor, and instant control functions.
Customized design bolts byHilti; one of the top drift bolt design companies. Anti-seismic design as to keep the whole system stable and consistent.
Unique design and customized install plans for different types of the metro tunnels in order to ensure the metro daily operation and equipment maintenance.
Certification: CE,CB, FCC,etc.
Two years in the role as the best vendor for Beijing MTR and Shanghai Metro
Technology Co-operation
With the help of our world's leading metro tunnel media technology and industry's many years of experience, we have jointly developed a new market for metro tunnel media。
Advertising Co-operation
With the mass media network and huge influence of metro tunnel media, we can provide you with super cost-effective media services。